Where art meets wood and rock meets folklore

Culture and customs in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Find your muse in the holiday region of Interlaken. Discover the cultural treasures of museums and castles. Immerse yourself in Swiss customs and the ancient traditions of the Bernese Oberland. The sound of the alphorn, classical concerts and modern music festivals all promise musical highlights. 

  • Historic castles around Lake Thun

  • Art museums in an Alpine setting

  • Thriving traditions and customs

  • Wood carving

  • Traditional sounds meet contemporary and international music

Cultural diversity in the Bernese Oberland

The mountains of the Bernese Oberland have fascinated visitors for many years. Mountaineers, painters, writers and musicians from all over the world have come to the Interlaken holiday region to paint, write about, sing about and even climb the mountain peaks.

Castles on Lake Thun

Do you know the five castles around Lake Thun? Thun Castle, situated high above the city, rewards visitors with enchantingly panoramic views. Far below, beautiful Schadau Castle commands the heart of resplendent Schadau Park, adjacent to the lake. Hünegg Castle and Oberhofen Castle, meanwhile, stand on the right bank of Lake Thun. Both offer spectacular views of Lake Thun and the peaks of the Bernese Oberland. Directly across the lake in the bay of Spiez and surrounded by splendid vineyards is Spiez Castle. Discover the eventful histories of these castles and the people who lived in them, and savour the fairytale atmosphere.

Small but beautiful cultural gems in the Bernese Oberland

Art and culture give life its colour. Both Interlaken and Thun offer a wide range of artistic and cultural events. Be inspired by the many museums and art exhibitions.

Tradition and customs

Experience traditional Switzerland in all its diversity. Influenced by the surrounding mountains, the customs and traditions of the Interlaken holiday region are practised and cherished to this day. The sounds of the alphorn and yodelling are in the air, and old-time crafts are still practised and taught with a passion.

Guided tours with the locals

On a tour with a local guide, you are guaranteed fascinating insights into the culture and history of some picture-perfect places. Encounter absorbing anecdotes on the people of the Bernese Oberland as well as grisly tales and legends. Accompany your guide on foot, on the water, on snowshoes or via segway to the loveliest places around Interlaken.

Clear the stage for culture & local customs around Interlaken

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Embark on a voyage of discovery through the Switzerland of a bygone age

«The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum smells like my grandparents’ farm used to – of wood, fire, fresh bread and farm animals. I feel at home here as I walk down country paths, passing meadows and trees. In the space of a few minutes, I can walk from a typical house from the Canton of Bern to an old farmhouse from Lucerne or a stone house from Ticino. The open-air museum lets me see and experience things for myself, and teaches me things I didn’t know about Swiss history, traditions and culture.»

Culture and tradition in pictures