The tranquillity of nature – enjoy the silence

Hideaways around Interlaken – enchanting oases of nature

Be free, close your eyes and dream; enjoy being unreachable. Think less, feel more. Really seize the moment in the Holiday Region Interlaken. Our beautiful hideaways make it easy for you to unwind and enjoy the pure mountain air. Experience many small moments of happiness in the midst of nature or at your very own favourite spot. Drink in the sounds of nature, recharge your batteries and discover the magic of peace. The Holiday Region Interlaken offers you unique hideaways far removed from everyday life.

  • Good accessibility – the most beautiful gems are located less than an hour from Interlaken

  • Numerous magical spots all around the Holiday Region Interlaken

  • A multitude of nature, wellness and relaxation experiences – a range of hideaway options

  • Oases of peace with a natural charm

  • Breath in the region’s fresh, healthy air and feel the benefits

Enjoy the pure mountain air and allow yourself to dream at the Holiday Region Interlaken's most picturesque gems

Are you longing for freedom and lots of little moments of happiness? The beautiful lakes and mountains of the Bernese Oberland offer myriad places to relax, dream, breathe in the pure mountain air and feel happy. The piercing blue waters of Lake Thun and the refreshing turquoise of Lake Brienz are reminiscent of the colours of the sea. Depending on the time of day and the season, the fluffy clouds passing overhead are reflected in the two lakes and create impressive light and shadow effects. Are you ready for the tranquillity of nature? If so, you're in the right spot.

What’s a hideaway?

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Switzerland as a whole is a hideaway, as is the Holiday Region Interlaken in particular. A hideaway is a place whose beauty makes your heart beat faster and which makes you feel that you have finally arrived. A hideaway is a place where you really experience nature up close, that gives you a feeling of security, leaves a lasting impression, calms your mood and heightens your senses. A hideaway can be time out in the seclusion of nature, a programme of pampering in a beautiful, quiet wellness oasis on the deep blue waters of Lake Thun, an overnight stay in a comfortable lodge or even in a rustic hut in the midst of a beautiful alpine landscape.

Frühlingserwachen am Thunersee. Rosafarbene Blüten im Konstrast mit dem tiefblauen Thunerseen und im Hintergrund der Niesen.

It can also be stopping off at a charming bar or relaxing in a café located in one of the region’s most beautiful “sundowner” squares. Your personal definition of a hideaway might also include an excursion involving gentle physical activity that gives you a sense of contentment.


Fall in love with the magic of a moment

Stunningly beautiful footpaths and easily accessible hiking trails give you access to the most atmospheric places in the Bernese Oberland. Benches located in particular beauty spots will often tempt you to rest your legs and admire the view for a few moments. While hiking you will discover wonderful places to picnic on moss-covered tree trunks and stones. Hidden away in verdant forests and rolling hills, the Holiday Region Interlaken has magical mountain lakes, romantic streams and gushing waterfalls. Listen to the sounds of nature as you observe the glittering water droplets of the morning dew on the wet grasses of the meadows. During your holiday, discover your own favourite spots to relax and recharge your batteries. Regardless of the season, the possibilities are endless!

Wellness experiences around Interlaken

Aussenpool BEATUS Wellness- & Spa-Hotel im Winter

In addition to the many natural locations where you can top up your energy, there are numerous wellness offers in Interlaken and around Lake Thun that you can take advantage of to enhance your well-being. Discover wonderful wellness hotels and spa facilities and restore balance to your body, mind and soul. The breathtaking mountains of the Bernese Oberland will amaze you time and time again during your pampering programme. Enjoy the unique panoramic views while soaking in a heated saltwater pool, chilling out in a relaxation room or perspiring in a traditional wooden sauna. The wonderful silence of the nature around you will increase your relaxation ten-fold. Targeted spa treatments, such as special aromatic oil massages, exfoliation treatments and Ayurveda therapy can round off your wellbeing break in the Holiday Region Interlaken. In addition to a spa area, many wellness hotels also offer swimming pools, gyms and Kneipp pools. Find your favourite place for unforgettable wellness and spa experiences.

Tip: Eight places with a wellbeing guarantee

Enjoy the journey

The most beautiful gems can all be reached by public transport or car within around 30 to 50 minutes. Getting there is so easy that you might even want to switch your smartphone to flight mode to savour the moment without any distractions. Don’t, however, become so relaxed that you forget to take a photo of your favourite relaxation spot!

Moving experiences in the heart of Switzerland guaranteed

Atemberaubender Sonnenaufgang über dem Thunersee an einem Wintermorgen – ein Spazierweg führt über einen Holzsteg

Insider tips will show you how to reach the peaceful spots where you can escape the madding crowds. Even busy places can become hideaways at certain times of day and during certain seasons. For example, the paths through the nature reserves and along the lakes are quiet and almost deserted early in the morning. It's the same story in the mountains. The mountain inns are full of enthusiastic hikers or skiers during the day, but are generally very quiet in the evening. An overnight stay in a comfortable room in a mountain inn is an unforgettable experience and gives you wonderful views of the moon and stars. When you wake up on the following morning, you’ll be taken aback by just how quiet and peaceful it is.

Live in the moment at the most beautiful places in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Don’t chase time, don’t overthink – feel more and do more. Find the best hideaways in the Holiday Region Interlaken and let yourself really unwind. The colours and contrasts of the sky, mountains and lakes, the scents and the sounds of nature will make you more mindful and able to find happiness in small things. Live in the moment and book your break in the heart of Switzerland.

Hideaways & wellbeing around Interlaken

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