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Find out more about tourism around Lake Brienz

The tourism organisations around Lake Brienz are happy to serve you and look forward to helping you. Need the contact details or opening times of a tourist office? Want to find interesting facts and figures about tourism in the Lake Brienz region? Or perhaps you want to find out more about current vacancies at various tourism organisations? This is where you’ll find all the information you need. Use your guest card during your holidays and take advantage of attractive discounts, exciting offers and benefits. You can also get some inspiration from the unique diversity and jewels of the Holiday Region Interlaken featured in the destination magazine “BergwieSee”. The magazine features tips for day trips, as well as articles on interesting personalities, regional traditions and events listings.

  • Tourist office contact details and opening times

  • Information and advice from local, experienced staff

  • The guest card gives you access to attractive offers and benefits

  • Information about and from the Holiday Region Interlaken

  • Discover the destination magazine “BergwieSee”