Unspunnen Festival Interlaken

Summer 2029

Festival of Traditional Swiss Costume and Alpine Shepherds

Unspunnen is as moving and stirring an experience today as it was when it first began over 200 years ago. The Unspunnen Festival is held every 12 years in Interlaken. This unique festival of traditional costume and Alpine shepherds brings people of all ages together from town and country, regions and language borders, for some truly unforgettable experiences. Don't miss the next Unspunnen Festival in 2029.

The next Unspunnen Festival 2029 at a glance


    Date: Summer 2029


  • Time: detailed programme to follow

  • Location: Interlaken

  • Food/Drink: Various food and drink stands

  • Further information on entrance tickets to follow

A Look Back at Interlaken’s Unspunnen Festival 2017

Ehrendamen mit Unspunnenstein am Unspunnenfest in Interlaken

What began in 1805 as a festival of reconciliation between urban and rural populations is today probably the largest gathering of traditional culture. The last Unspunnen Festival took place in 2017, when around 90'000 fans of traditional customs gathered in Interlaken for the ultimate in folklore celebrations. A week packed with traditions, countrywomen and shepherds, Swiss Alpine Wrestlers, stone throwers, marksmen and Hornussen puck throwers, alphorn players and flag twirlers, folk musicians and choir singers, traditional costume dancers and yodellers, tambourines and whistles as well as many other "traditional gems". Don’t miss the grand finale: a parade through Interlaken and the closing ceremony.

Historical Background

Trychler am Unspunnenfest mit grossen Glocken in Interlaken

Between 1798 and 1803, Switzerland had a French-style state system. In this "Helvetic Republic", where town and country were on an equal footing and the monopoly of the guilds was broken, the Bernese Oberland operated as an independent canton. With his 1803 Act of Mediation, Napoleon attempted to stabilise a politically sensitive situation, dominated by coup d'état and the struggle between Unitarians (proponents of the unitary state) and federalists. This had particularly drastic consequences for the rural areas of the former city cantons: the Bernese Oberland lost its canton status and its political weight shifted significantly in favour of the urban population. This was unpopular, especially in the Bödeli. In this tense situation, the Bern government and its representatives in the Oberland tried hard to avoid unrest and uprisings. The idea for a joint celebration, in a spirit of cooperation between city and countryside, came just at the right time. The first Unspunnen Festival was held in 1805 on the Unspunnenwiese by the Unspunnen ruins.

Unspunnen Wrestling Festival

Unspunnen Schwinget am Unspunnenfest in Interlaken

Along with the Unspunnen Festival, the Unspunnen Wrestling Festival, featuring 120 of the finest Swiss alpine wrestlers, is also a must. The Unspunnen Wrestling Festival was established in 1981, and is a federal event held every six years. Watch as Swiss strongmen compete in "Hoselupf” Swiss wrestling in the sawdust ring and enjoy the unique atmosphere with a traditional sausage, "Chäsbrätel" (cheese on toast) and beer. The next Swiss Alpine Wrestling Festival will be held on the Höhematte on Sunday 27 August 2023.

Unspunnen Festival 2029

The Unspunnen Traditional Swiss Costume and Alpine Shepherds Organisation is looking forward to the eleventh edition of the Unspunnen Festival in 2029. Wait and see what they delights they have in store for the next festival of living traditions.

Five reasons why you should attend the Unspunnen Festival

  • A festival filled with Swiss traditions

  • Varied entertainment with alphorn players and flag twirlers

  • An festival that unites generations and language regions

  • Only once every 12 years

  • Unspunnen Wrestling Festival every 6 years

Personal tip

“The 2017 Unspunnen Festival was an unforgettable experience for me and my family. These Swiss traditions bring us closer together. I’m already looking forward to Unspunnen Festival 2029!”

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