International Woodcarving Symposium Brienz

2 - 6 July 2024

Experience first-hand how international artists create wooden sculptures by Lake Brienz

Woodcarving has a long tradition in Brienz. At the International Woodcarving Symposium, held over the course of 5 days on Brienz quayside, you can see impressive wooden artworks being sculpted by artists from across the world. The event is completed with music, artistic performances and delicious catering.

The International Woodcarving Symposium Brienz at a glance

  • Date: 2 - 6 July 2024

  • Location: Quayside/Cholplatz Brienz by the lake

  • Food/Drink: Various food and drink stands at the venue

  • There is no charge to visit the woodcarving symposium

Celebrating Brienz’s woodcarving heritage

Ein Holzbildhauer schnitzt an seiner Skulptur am Holzbildhauer Symposium in Brienz

At the International Woodcarving Symposium you can experience first-hand how wooden artworks are made. From the numerous applicants, the organisers select an interesting mix of around 20 national and international artists representing different influences, styles and cultures. Provided with a massive log of local larch, the artists create impressive sculptures over five days using a chainsaw, mallet and chisel. During the event, you will gain a broad insight into the fascinating art of woodcarving.

Musical performances and delicious catering

Musikalische Unterahltung am Holzbildhauer Sympoisum Brienz

Besides the sculptors’ artistic performance, there’s the chance to sit and socialise too. The free supporting programme brings holiday guests, locals and sculptors together to enjoy the long summer evening on the Cholplatz by Lake Brienz, with traditional and modern musical performances perfecting the picture. Traditional dishes, in the form of "Chäsbrätel" (melted cheese) and other specialities, are served every evening along with one other culinary highlight.

Five reasons why you should attend the International Woodcarving Symposium Brienz

  • Insight into the art of wood carving

  • A look over the artists’ shoulders to ask questions

  • Location right on the shore of Lake Brienz

  • Free entertainment

  • International art

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