Swiss National Day in Interlaken

1 August 2024

Celebrate Swiss National Day in Interlaken

Experience how Holiday Region Interlaken maintains its various customs on Swiss National Day. Highlights include bonfires that are lit on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, as well as various folklore performances, from alphorn blowing to flag twirling and yodelling. A popular choice for kids is the torchlight parade and firework display.

1 August at a glance

  • Food/Drink: Various refreshment stands at the venue

  • Location: Holiday Region Interlaken

  • Entrance fee: The 1 August celebrations are free of charge

1 August celebrations in Interlaken

Paraglider mit Kanonsfahnen der Schweiz über der grünen Höhematte

Celebrate the 1 August in Interlaken and experience a variety of customs and traditions. In the Kursaal Park, 28 paragliders will unfurl the 26 canton flags in flight and get the festivities in Interlaken off to a flying start. This will be followed by a large folklore parade and a folk festival on the town hall square, with various folklore performances. A children's torchlight procession, various bonfires and a fireworks display will round off a day packed with Swiss tradition.

Programme Swiss National Day

11.00 h folkloric performances and welcome speech from Director of Interlaken Tourism in the Kursaal-Park, Fly-in by 28 paragliders and presentation of the cantonal flags of Switzerland
15.15 h Folkloric parade
15.00 h Swiss National Day celebration on the Stadthausplatz Unterseen
20.00 h Swiss National Day celebration on the Stadthausplatz Unterseen
21.00 h Children’s lantern parade
21.00 h Lighting of Wanni-Feuer on the Harder mountain, Unterseen
21.15 h Open-air concert by the orchestra from Interlaken and Unterseen in front of the Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa
22.00 h Grand fireworks display on the Höhematte meadow

That's why you have to attend the celebrations on 1st of August

  • Spectacular paragliders with canton flags

  • Bonfires across Holiday Region Interlaken

  • Colourful firework displays

  • Children’s lantern parade

  • Other celebrations across Holiday Region Interlaken

Your accommodation in Interlaken – for a stay brimming with tradition.

Celebrate a carefree National Day until late at night with an overnight stay in Interlaken.

(Changes possible due to weather conditions)