Giessbach Falls



Feel the refreshing, swirling spray of the Giessbach Falls

Enjoy the majestic natural spectacle and watch how the water from the Giessbach stream plunges down a total of 14 steps into the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. Wherever you are on the circular hiking trail that starts at the Grandhotel Giessbach, you’ll always be in earshot of the striking thunder of the Giessbach Falls.

Regardless of whether you reach it by the historic funicular railway from Giessbach See landing stage, on foot by means of a leisurely hike or from the nearby car park, you can’t mistake the mighty thunder of the Giessbach Falls. After a short ascent, the 20-minute circular trail takes you straight to the Giessbach Falls. The section of the trail that passes behind one of the waterfalls is particularly fascinating. Your gaze is drawn past the splashing mass of water to the fairytale Grandhotel Giessbach, the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz and the Brienz Ridge. Following rainfall or when the snow thaws in spring, the Giessbach stream carries a lot of water. The thundering cascades make the water swirl even more imposingly and the spray is refreshing and makes you feel truly alive – a unique natural experience.

The power of the Giessbach Falls will energise you and motivate you to engage in another circular hike. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the hotel’s vantage point, Gippi, which is about 200 m above the lake. A narrow, winding footpath leads through the forest. Climbing stone steps and passing the memorial plaque to the founders of the hotel, you will reach your objective high above Lake Brienz. The vantage point is situated on the almost vertical rockface overlooking the lake and offers you a wonderful view of the picturesque village of Brienz on the opposite shore of the unique turquoise lake. Can you identify the large heart-shaped rock?

Your highlights at a glance

  • Circular hiking trail around and behind the Giessbach Falls
  • The historic Grandhotel Giessbach dating from just before the Belle Époque
  • The nostalgic Giessbach Railway (Europe’s oldest tourist funicular railway)
  • Magical illumination of the Giessbach Falls in the evening

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Wear good shoes; certain parts of the circular route can be a little slippery
  • The Giessbach Falls are at their most impressive when the snow thaws in spring or after it has rained
  • Allow plenty of time – you’ll want to linger at the Giessbach Falls, the Grandhotel and in the surrounding area
  • The Grandhotel and its restaurant are open from April to October daily /  November to March Wednesday to Sunday (check opening hours)
  •  BLS Navigation Lake Brienz operates from April to October



  • Suitable for any weather

  • for Groups

  • for Class

  • Pet allowed

  • Suitable for the Elderly

  • for Children of all Ages

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