Observe rutting in the Justistal


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Hear the roar of the stags

Autumn is rutting season for the stags of the Justistal as the males roar to attract does. See and hear this impressive natural spectacle in the company of a wildlife expert. An unforgettable experience amid the autumnal alpine landscape awaits.

The powerful and distinctive roaring of the stags can be heard from a distance between early September and early October. Every autumn, numerous stags come into the Justistal from around the region. If you would like to experience this natural spectacle, a local wildlife expert can accompany you on a rutting observation excursion on request. With luck, you may see a herd of females or even two dominant males fighting for the favours of females. The sounds of the stags resound impressively around the rock faces that define the Justistal. An informative and absorbing trip to the Justistal awaits in autumn.

Your highlights at a glance

  • Hear the roar of the stags
  • Learn from local wildlife specialists
  • With luck, observe fighting stags or a herd of females

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Good footwear and warm and weatherproof clothing are recommended
  • Bring binoculars or a camera
  • Follow the instructions of the wildlife expert
  • Guided rutting observation is available on enquiry
  • Explanations are in German but may be summarised in English on request



Beginning of September – beginning of October


  • Suitable for any weather

  • for Groups

  • for Class

  • for Children of the age of 10 upwards

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